Studio Policy

I teach in 30-, 45- and 60- minute sessions here at ArtSpirit studio, (with Tuesdays at the Penticton Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts).


I charge $25/ half-hour. Before each month, you’ll get an automated invoice for the month’s lessons, which is due on the first lesson of the month (thanks). Mimi, my automated Organizer (MyMusicStaff) will keep track of your lessons and send you reminders and invoices. You can pay by cheque, cash or e-transfer.


ArtSpirit policy is that families can opt out of lessons as they need to, within 24 hours without a problem, but it is up to them to find the make-up lesson at another time on the online calendar. If you keep me out of the coordinating, you can cancel and replace at will. The make-up credits all gets zero-ed out at the end of August and everyone starts fresh in September.

Every so often, the teacher may need to cancel a lesson, for touring or other purposes. In that event, she will make every effort to re-schedule the lesson at a mutually convenient time. If that is not possible, the lesson will be cancelled with no payment or penalty to the student.


Ms Linnea says:

I commit:

* to give the student my best attention and direction, with a focus on the joy of musical creativity and skill-building. Every teacher has their own particular passion: some are about excellence, others about correct technique or expression, while others jam. I care about those things, but most of all I care that students learn how to make music for their own longterm enjoyment. So my focus is on helping students find their own reasons for playing. It is very important to me that the routine of lesson-taking and home practise support them in becoming life-long music-makers, rather than make them passive students who don't know what to do after they stop taking lessons.

* to stay in contact with you as to the student's progress and any concerns I might have

* to give you the best notice possible of my being away 


I ask you:

* to help them stay attentive to their practising, homework and playing 

* to let me know if you have concerns about their progress or their feelings about piano lessons 

* to share with me if anything troubles you about our working relationship 

* to commit to piano lessons for the full school semester.

I hope that spells out how it works with the studio. Please stay in touch and ask lots of questions (email being my favourite).

Ms Linnea

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