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East Coast Ukulele Camp Website banner 2023.png

the joy of playing together

July 21-24/23

at Harvey Lake, New Brunswick
(Good Family Cottage)

East Coast Ukulele Camp


$50 / programme

a share in the cost of groceries

your own travel costs


Our Programme


Arrive any time from 10am onward

Settle in, rooms, prepare supper

Formally begins with supper 5pm 

Supper (possible): lobster banquet and strawberry shortcake

Evening: Jam - with booklets



Morning: Jamming

Afternoon: Jam, Swim

Evening: dinner out, concert/evening programme TBD!



Morning: Jamming

Afternoon: Jam, Walk, Swim, 

Evening: Out? In? 


Monday - pack up.

Monday morning departure after breakfast


Travel Arrangements

Fly or Bus to Fredericton; we’ll pick you up

or Drive to Harvey NB. Directions will be provided on this web page



Rooms all upstairs:

Single bed in a room

Double bed in a room

2 single beds in a room

1 Double and 1 single in a room

Tenting an option - let's talk


1 washroom for the whole bunch - we can do it!


What to Bring:


Your 2022 ECUC booklet (let us know if you don't have one)



Bathing suit

(no need to bring towels!)

Something from your home as a gift to someone in the group

Clothes for an evening “out”

Shoes for walking (optional)

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