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East Coast Ukulele Camp

Strumming in the Summer Together

July 19-22/24



$50/leadership and music

+ a share in the cost of groceries

+ Sat night show $30 +taxes aprox

+ your own travel costs - possibly shared


Bring for the Group:

snacks to share

If you wish: your favourite cereal or breakfast food


Last Year's Programme was...


Settle in at 4pm, get rooms, prepare supper

Formally begins with supper 6pm 

Supper: lobster banquet with cole slaw and strawberry shortcake

Evening: Jam session - with booklets



Breakfast: on our own (meaning there will be cereal, milk, yoghurt, juice, bread and jam, etc). Bring your favourite breakfast thing to share, if you wish.

Morning: Jamming

Noon Meal: Fishcakes, Brown Beans and Salad

Afternoon: Jam, Swim, Ice cream, Explore, etc

Supper: Build Your Own Cold Plate: meats, cheese, salad, sandwich...

Evening Show! 7:30 

Home for Pie



Coffee and something to tide you over

Morning: Jamming

Brunch: French Toast, Fruit, Bacon, Sausage, Roast Potato Wedges  

Optional further Jamming

Afternoon: Jam, Swim, Ice cream, Explore, etc

Late Afternoon Snack: Hummus, Crackers and Veggies

Supper: BBQ or roast chicken, baked potatoes, carrots and green beans. Berry Crisp and Cream

Evening: Special  



Pack up

Breakfast: on our own, as before.

Monday morning departure after breakfast by 10am.


Travel Arrangements

Please use your GPS function to navigate to the AirBnB. We think it’s better than us writing out right and left turns.

Talk to Linnea or Catherine if you would like to carpool from Fredericton or Riverview NB.


Stuff to Bring:


Your 2024 ECUC booklet - coming in June



Bathing suit

(no need to bring towels – but bring a beach towel if needed)

Something from your home as a gift to someone in the group

Clothes for an evening “out”

Shoes for walking (optional)

Nancy C Dj Catherine S clowning in kitchen.jpeg

Our BNB: The Seaside Church Conversion

in Gardiner Mines, Cape Breton

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