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Music Camp 2024

Summerland Music Camp returns to offer a Monday-to-Friday morning programme July 8-12, 2024 for children ages 7-11. 

Learn Ukulele with Linnea Good, at a variety of levels

Create Art with Betty Ann Xenis

Dance with award-winning Bollywood dancer, actor and teacher: Karima Essa. 

Email us with your questions.
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Things You Need to Know About
Summerland Music Camp

Our Venue

St Stephen’s Anglican Church 

(under the auspices of Summerland United Church)

9311 Prairie Valley Rd

Summerland BC V0H 1Z7 

Our Dates

Monday to Friday mornings, July 8-12, 2024

Our time every day



The Cost

Regular Registration Cost (includes t-shirt/ bollywood scarf) = $160

Bursary Assistance is available to anybody who needs it.

Please note that, if you apply for Bursary Assistance, we still  need you to  fill out the Registration form.


Who we are:

Our leaders are Linnea Good: Co-coordinator, song leader and ukulele teacher; Betty Ann Xenis: Co-Coordinator and Arts Instructor; and our special guest, international performer and Bollywood Dance teacher Karima Essa.


We have adult volunteers joining us to help with logistics, kid support, security, buddying, etc. We have youth leaders (ages 13-18+) who will take on logistical and leadership roles, will act as buddies to children who could use support and be first assistant to workshop leaders. Learn more about Youth Leaders.

Karima Essa at Venables.jpg

Karima Essa

Things You Might Want to Know About
Summerland Music Camp

What to bring:

* a bottle of water

* t-shirt and shorts, non-dress-up clothes

* comfortable runners (needed for dancing)

* your own ukulele, if you happen to have one


What not to bring:

* Snacks - We will ask families to donate fruits and vegetables to our Snack Coordinator, David Jonsson, and his team. We would very much appreciate your not sending other food along with your child, except in the case of a health condition whose information you have shared with us.

* Electronics - While we love our handhelds too, we find that their presence can divert us from the fun stuff we are doing in the group. We can take care of devices and give them back at the end of the morning, if that is helpful.



Send a Kid to Camp! - welcome donations to help families get their kids to us!

We will have a sign-up sheet for fruit, vegetables and cheese


Volunteer with us! We are looking for:

Ukulele Buddies: get one-on-one with campers learning new chords with new fingers. 

Snack Patrol: Chef David could use an assistant in the kitchen, preparing the veg, fruit and cheese that people have brought for snack time

Adult Support all mornings: For ukulele, we have found it most effective to have adults volunteer for all 5 mornings of the week, rather than to drop in. However, in Art, support adults are welcome at any combination of times. Support in the dance area consists mostly of being a standing adult - to help set spin-out boundaries and support youth leaders.  If you have these  mornings free, we guarantee you a very uplifting experience of service supporting musical enrichment for the children. 


Volunteers, please go get your criminal record check done now.


How to Pay

You can pay by visa, paypal, e-transfer, drop-off at Summerland United Church or mail in your cheque to ArtSpirit Summerland. Remember that your registration is not confirmed until you have paid or made an arrangement with our office. ArtSpirit Address is at the bottom of our Home page.

Friday - our last day

Performance: We will present a performance of ukulele, singing, art and bollywood dance on Friday at 11:30am-12:30pm. You will be amazed. Please invite friends and family to join us!


Potluck Lunch: Following our performance, let’s eat lunch together. Bring a potluck contribution. We’ll put a sign-up sheet up on the wall for you. 

Drives from & to Penticton (etc)

Let us know if you would like to connect up to share drives from away.


Set up, Prep and Needs

Consider joining us at St Stephen’s Anglican on Sunday afternoon, July 7, 1pm onward to set up tables, put up decorations (bring some!) and get the place ready for a slam of music-makers. There might be pizza involved...

Know someone who should sign up?

(maybe even someone who has not considered it because they don’t have the cash). Please encourage them to come (and to apply for the bursary if they need it):

Register for Summerland Music Camp


Who is supporting this event?

ArtSpirit Summerland Studio is the host of this event. Summerland Music Camp is an entirely non-religious event, and is the grateful recipient of sponsorships from both Summerland United Church (and the UCC Pro-Vision fund) and St Stephen’s Anglican Church. It has also received support from the Mary Stuart van Mater foundation and has benefitted from the Paul Rodgers/Cynthia Kereluk fund. 


What are we hoping to accomplish?

We believe that the arts - music, dance, art! - will make us happy for the rest of our lives. It will help our brains grow smarter, our self-confidence taller, our hearts wiser, our social interactions more fluent, our friendships deeper, and our families and community more cohesive. Also it rocks! And we will rock.

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Lg at Sunday Market.jpeg

supported by our friends at
Summerland United Church &
St Stephen's Anglican Church

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