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Blue Shoes


Happy Hour


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Bursary assistance available:

half price for a stretched family budget

three-quarter funding for a family budget already maxxed

Four Weekly Options  - Jan 11-May 20/22


What you would need:

  • Ukulele 

  • Tuner (or phone app to tune)

  • Computer, phone or tablet with cell or wifi service
  • Zoom app installed and good to go

  • Access to printing technology (pdf booklet)

  • A silent/private room to park your device and yourself, to join us


Need a Ukulele (and live close?): Come rent one ($5/mo) from us. 

Questions? Email or call Linnea

Paying Options

E-Transfer to - our favourite

Cheque to Borealis Music

Visa or Square - email here

Time Zone Calculator

Lesson times are listed in

Pacific Standard Time 


+1hr=Mountain Time





Payment Methods

Our preferred method of payment in Canada is e-transfer.

Send to:

US & International require

paypal or credit card


Blue Shoes

Happy Hour

Adult Beginner


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