Beginner Online Ukulele 

Weekly Lessons: Sept 16-Dec 19

UkuKidsOnline East - Wednesdays 1:00-1:40pm PDT 

$140/Sept-Dec season or $70 half-season 

UkuKidsOnline West - Saturdays 1:00-1:40pm PDT 

$140/Sept-Dec season or $70 half-season

a well-rounded  and super-fun music education programme through the ukulele,

including singing, strumming, picking, rhythm and note-reading

Purchase full Season $140

Purchase half season $70

Beyond Beginner Online Ukulele 

Twice-weekly Lessons Sept 15-Dec 19

building on the above beginner skills, this programme is for those who can play a number of chords, are comfortable with a few strum patterns and are prepared to add picking and reading to their repertoire

Freefall East - Tuesdays & Thursdays 1:00-1:45pm PDT

$175/Sept-Dec season or $87.50 half-season

Freefall West - Thursdays 3:30-4:10pm & Saturdays 2:00-2:40pm PDT

PDT $175/Sept-Dec season or $87.50 half-season

Purchase full Season $175

Purchase half season $87.50

Homeschooler Special: Online Ukulele 

Daily M-F Lessons Sept 28-Dec 19

a fantastic opportunity to receive a daily grounding in music ,

teaching based in the James Hill Ukulele method and Linnea Good's

rhythm and note-reading programme. 

UkuKidsOnline-FastTrack - 9:30-10am PDT Monday to Friday $275/Sept-Dec season or 2x $140 half-season

Try out Week One Free of Obligation

Full Season $275

Half Season $140

What you would need:

  • Adult support for phone or computer placement, a little bit of ukulele finger positioning, and sometimes personal focus. Younger children will need an adult present for all lessons. Older children may need support for the first couple of lessons.

  • Ukulele 

  • Tuner (or phone app to tune)

  • Computer, phone or tablet with cell or wifi service

  • Access to printing technology (I'll send a pdf of a booklet)

  • A silent/private room to park your device and yourself, to join us

  • (if you can get your hands on small stick-on dots, it would be fantastic: green, blue and yellow 2@)


Get Registered and Get Learning


Need a Ukulele (and live close?): Come rent one ($5/mo)  from us. 

Questions? Email or call Linnea

Payment methods for ongoing Ukulele Weeks


E-transfer (Canada only) to (our favourite!)


Cash - not at this time of COVID

Donate to our Bursary Funding

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