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for students 9 - 16

familiar with multiple chords, strums, scales C, F G, D major

and able to read the treble staff and single note TAB

Strum songs in a variety of genres, learn melody & harmony picking, technique, playing by ear and by key, reading 

12 weeks: $180
Mar 28 - Jun 20/23


3:30-4:30pm pacific


bursaries always available

Payment Options
In Canada  E-Transfer to:
International  Paypal 

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What you would need:

  • Beginners: Adult support for phone or computer placement, a little bit of ukulele finger positioning, and sometimes personal focus. Younger children will need an adult present for all lessons. Older children may need support for the first couple of lessons.

  • Ukulele 

  • Tuner (or phone app to tune)

  • Computer, phone or tablet with cell or wifi service

  • Access to printing technology (I'll send a pdf of a booklet)

  • A silent/private room to park your device and yourself, in order to join us

  • (if you can get your hands on small stick-on dots, it would be fantastic: green, blue and yellow 2@)

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