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Studio Challenge 2022

Take the ArtSpirit Studio Challenge!  Practise and play the music at each level of the Challenge, then record on UpBeat. Go in order. 

1. Download the score of the music

2. Download the folder of music backtracks, and save to your hard drive

3. Practise the song with the slowest back track (the lowest beats per minute - or bpm)

4. When you are almost able to play at the speed of the fastest track, begin the UpBeat process. 

Get Started with the Songs Below

1. Watch  this short video on how to get started on UpBeat

2. You must have a laptop, not a tablet or phone.

3. You will need to have Google Chrome installed as a browser.

4. You will record listening on your headphones, but playing out loud to your device. Make sure you have put your own sound settings to headphones. See to the right how this is done on a Mac. No sounds around you, no long sleeves to mute your strings, no loud fans, furnace - or family.


5. Be aware of how you look: make sure your instrument is quite visible. It is possible the finished video frame (your little box) will be smaller than what you see, so keep everything close to the centre. Show your enjoyment of playing (or fake it till you make it!)

Set to Headphones.jpg
Rehearsing and Recording on UpBeat

6. Listen through fully, the first time - to hear how it all goes and notice what is already playing your melody line.


7. When you are done playing, sit with your instrument, look alive and wait till the last note of the backtrack dies away. If you press STOP before the backtrack is over, it will freeze your video in whatever face it ended with 😱, so stay video-ing until the end. Listen to the track and practise with it, playing until you have it without mistakes. You can play along and RE-DO a hundred times, if you like. When you like your take, press CONTINUE. 


8. Then you will have to check whether your sound is in sync (in time) with the track. Pull the yellow sound image (which is the recording of YOU) to shift it into place with the grey backtrack. Earlier is on the Left and Later is toward the Right. Listen and ask yourself: Who is earlier? Is it me? Then move ME (yellow) LATER (to the right). Is it the backtrack? I can't move the backtrack, but I can move ME to the left instead. Look to see the big notes lining up visually.


9. Here is a video on How to Sync to the backtrack. If this is too much of a challenge, don't worry; Linnea is doing the final edit and will fix it.


10. Press SUBMIT

Ode to Joy

1. Download the score of the music

2. Download the folder of music backtracks, and save to your hard drive

3. Go to the UpBeat recording and begin. You will see the notes on the recording track, so you will not need to read your own sheet music. Have fun! 

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