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What they said about UkuKidsOnline!

* I cannot tell you how much this class means to my boy. It really is the centering point of his day in the middle of this major storm. Thank you.

* My daughter said: “Miss Linnea is so caring and encouraging, she makes my heart happy! And I like that she mutes us while we’re practising so that not everyone can hear if we make a mistake. We just get to see each other trying. I love this ukulele time.” 

* I’m actually quite surprised by how much I picked up, just by listening! lol. Thank you.

* First of all I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for the incredible lessons you are offering the kids. My daughter is loving them!!! She told me yesterday that she wants to be as good as you and she wants to be famous! 

* You have been an absolute God-send as she had been struggling with some anxiety due to all of the changes and uncertainty, and that has completely subsided this week with this new creative outlet and focus. 

* Thank you for building this community of joy. I believe this time of making music together has been a highlight of these weird and ever-changing times for the kids. Both my girls are to be starting some online classes with their teachers next week and I have already told their teacher that our ukulele time will remain a priority. ;)

* (Proud Father of a UkuKid)

* He did a mini concert tonight for us and even one over FaceTime for my parents. We all loved it so much!! He is doing great! 

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