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Choose Music


is a 3-hour conference-style “fair" for Giant’s Head/Montessori and Trout Creek Elementary Schools

* to inspire children and families to include music when making extra-curricular plans for this summer and fall

* to give exposure to music practitioners within reach of the Summerland community


These morning events will feature local and regional music teachers, leaders, performers of all kinds (choir, guitar, piano, hip hop dancing, hoops, hand chimes, drum circles, etc).


Each will involve:


1)    a 30-minute concert to begin the event (some – not all – practitioners)

2)    a series of 30-minute timed work stations (rooms in the school) to give children a brief experience of each musical art. 

3)    a handout to go home listing the names and contact information for all the available music teachers, groups and events accessible in our area for the summer and fall.

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